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Internships are a great way of starting your career yet some students and graduates are reluctant to pursue them as they worry they'll be stuck performing menial office admin and fetching the executive's coffee. However the benefits of working as an intern far outweigh any negatives and an opportunity to start your working career in this format should be considered an investment in your future.

Internships also provide an effective way for students to meet new people in their field, network and make contacts for the future as well as gaining references from those in their industry to add weight to CVs and job applications, all of which could help them to secure that all important first job after graduation.

Gaining CV building experience

Most graduates have no noteworthy working experience when they leave university so they're solely reliant on their degree as a point of reference for employers. By interning, you are demonstrating that you understand how the 'real world' operates and can draw on experiences from your time within an office or a company when it comes to applying for a permanent job.

Making connections

Networking is huge in the business world, and by getting your face and name out there, you are helping to build your reputation. By interacting with managers and executives you are systematically creating a network of advocates who could become a mentor or even a reference for future interviews.

Test yourself

It's all well and good having a degree in a particular field, but if you don't possess the operational day-to-day understanding of what a job in that field entails, then you're in for a rude awakening. Doing an internship allows you to not only test your knowledge and skills in a professional environment, it allows you the opportunity to discover whether you actually want a career in the field you have chosen.

Find a job!

If you have performed your role with passion and enthusiasm, who is to say that if a position became available in the company, that you wouldn't be front of the queue? Or, if a great job comes up in a rival company, you can boast of your successes in that particular sector.




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