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Moving home after university

Some of your friends have embarked on a round-the-world travelling experience while some have jumped head first into their desired career. You however, are facing the prospect of moving back home after three years of fun at university. How will you cope and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

Sleepwalking into bad habits

Living back at home may be cosy, with a full fridge and satellite TV to keep you company. However you shouldn't treat mum and dad's place like a holiday home, as you'll soon find your motivation harder and harder to come by.

In your first summer after graduation, why not look at interning, or gaining some work experience to improve your CV, help reduce your student debt and give you some much needed independence from the folks.

Keeping up with old friends

Friends who didn't attend university will have been earning money for over three years now and may even be looking at buying their own place. Don't feel disheartened by this, your working career is about to take off and while you're not earning, don't try and match their lifestyles.

Living in your overdraft

The days of having an interest-free overdraft are numbered, unfortunately. Make yourself an appointment at your nearest branch or do some research to find the Graduate account that is best suited to your needs.

Make sure you're aware of the overdraft facilities on your account and avoid any unwanted charges.

Reverting to pre-university you

That stressy, temperamental, adolescent you is a version you left behind when you stepped foot on university campus. Just because you're now back in familiar surroundings, don't forget you're a graduate. You worked hard to establish your independence so don't fall into the pitfall of entering into childish squabbles if your parents are asking you where you are or what time you'll be home! 


Important information
An overdraft is a form of debt. Over 18s only.
Our NatWest Graduate Account overdraft is repayable on demand.
If you agreed an overdraft limit with us as a student, this will carry over to your Graduate account.
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Graduate Accounts are available to permanent UK residents only, who have held a Student account with us or who have graduated from a full-time course of higher education (lasting two years or more) within the last 3 years, this includes completed training as a nurse.

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