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Getting married - Things to think about

While it’s not as exciting as deciding on a venue or choosing an outfit, there are a few legal and practical things to consider before you tie the knot.

Giving notice to marry

Once you’ve decided on a date, you’ll need to give at least 28 days notice to marry at your local registrars office.

Making a will

If you don’t already have a will, it’s time to make one. And if you do have one, updating it or making a new one should be a priority.

Changing your name

You don’t need a deed poll to take your partner’s surname. Just send your marriage certificate and a letter to record-holders. Check first if you need to send in the original or if a copy will do. 

Wedding insurance

Think about taking out wedding insurance to cover what you spend if your wedding is cancelled or postponed – perhaps due to bad weather or illness.

Tax implications

Although there is no longer a married couple’s allowance (except for pensioners), there are some potential tax advantages to being married. You could transfer savings and assets into a couple’s schemes. And transfers between registered partners are not charged Capital Gains Tax – charged if you sell a property for more than it cost you, for example. 

Updating your documents

If you decide to change your name, don’t forget to tell all work related organisations, your bank, pension company, credit card provider, insurance firms and any companies you have shares in. You can pick up a change-of-name form for your passport and driving licence from the post office.

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