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Get everything in order before you apply

It's a good idea to get organised before you apply for a mortgage and find a home to buy. There are few things you can do to help make the whole process smoother and might improve your chances of getting a mortgage application approved.

Get on the electoral role

If your name is not on there, you’ll find it harder to get credit. Go to About My Vote to find out how to register.

Check your credit file

Make sure all your bank accounts and credit cards are showing and have the correct address. You can get your credit file from credit reference agencies like NoddleExperian and Equifax

Improve your credit file

If you think information on your file is wrong, ask your bank to correct it.  Errors on your credit file can trigger rejection. If you think details are missing or wrong you can also challenge it with the credit reference agency. You can find out more about improving your credit file on the Money Advice Service website.

Cancel any unused cards

Too much credit could be bad. And make sure you avoid missing payments or paying late by setting up direct debits. 

Get your paperwork ready

Lenders will look at your income and expenses when you apply for a mortgage. To prove your income you’ll need to show pay slips and bank statements, or, if you’re self-employed, tax returns and business accounts prepared by an accountant. You’ll also need proof of ID, your address etc.

Think about your future plans

Are you thinking of starting a family sometime soon? Would you still be able to afford your mortgage payments if your income changed? Think about how any future changes in income or interest rates could affect your ability to pay your mortgage.

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