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Becoming self sufficient

Tips on adjusting to student life


Moving to university for many young people, is their first taste of independent living and all that it entails. Learning to cook and fend for one's self can seem a pretty daunting task for those most used to having parents look after them.


On this page we look at the small things that you can do for yourself to help you to become a more self-sufficient and confident person.

Setting an alarm

This may seem like a simple instruction for many, but on a cold winter's morning, the temptation to stay in bed past your 9am Geography seminar is real, very real.


Set an alarm, and even place the alarm at the other side of the room so you have to get up and acknowledge it, and get your day off to productive start.


There's nobody at university to give you nudge after nudge in order to wake you from your pit, so take some responsibilty and make sure you're up and ready once you're alarm summons you.



Learning to cook

Before heading off to university, learn to make your favourite home-made meal and not only will it stop you yearning for home comforts, it will give you the knowledge of cooking for yourself and becoming independent.

Budgeting for your weekly food shopping is another step on the road to adapting to life as a student. Check out our budgeting advice page here.


One aspect of university life that every student has to face, is laundry.


Many will go to great lengths to avoid washing their clothes. Don't be one of those students. Here's a simple 4 step guide to doing laundry.


1. Always check your labels for instructions on the preferable temperature and cycle for your garment.

2. Stubborn stains will appear on your clothes. This will most likely be after a heavy night out at the local union. Pre-treat these stains and remove them properly.

3. Make sure you separate your whites and your coloured clothing. A rogue red sock could do a lot of damage.

4. Dry your clothes properly. Leaving clean clothes in a stale environment can soon leave a fusty smell. Also, beware that many items are too delicate to be dried in the tumble drier so must be hand dried.

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