IBM Rapport Security Software

Extra protection for your banking, card and personal details

Investigates, remediates, blocks and removes malware

When it comes to identity fraud, even anti-virus software and a firewall aren't always enough. That's because criminals can bypass these defences to obtain your login details. Rapport is a free piece of security software to help keep your sensitive information safe.

It takes 2 minutes to protect yourself

To help protect you when you're online, download the free IBM Rapport security software. IBM Rapport protects you in the following ways:

Tells you that you are really connected to your bank, not a fraudulent website

Locks down your connection between your machine and your Online Banking

Designed to let your computer, Laptop or Mac work just as quickly as before

IBM Rapport works on PCs, laptops and Macs only. It is not available for tablets / mobile devices.

How can I tell if IBM Rapport is working?

Once installed you should have a Rapport icon (either green or grey) in your browser's address bar.

When visiting a webpage that is protected by Rapport, the icon will be green

When visiting an unprotected page, the icon will be grey

Other ways to keep you safe online

  1. 1

    Keep your device secure:

    Use a strong Password or Passcodes

    Use Touch Identification to lock your device

    Use trusted secure networks

    Dont leave your device unatended when in public places

    Have Anti Virus installed and up to date

    Have a Firewall switched on

  2. 2

    Use an Antivirus:

    Scans incoming emails for attached viruses

    Monitors files as they are opened or created to make sure they are not infected

    Performs periodic scans of the files on your computer

  3. 3

    Use a firewall:

    A firewall isn’t sufficient on its own to guarantee security, but it is the first line of defence; protecting you against:

    Hackers breaking into your computer

    Certain types of viruses that spread from computer to computer over the internet

How to get rapport

Downloading Rapport is easy. For full guidance, you can check out our video, or you can give it a go by clicking the button for the operating system you're using below.

If you're not sure if Rapport will work on your platform, you can check here

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