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Decreasing your Arranged Overdraft Helping you complete your application

To apply you need:

To be aged 18 or over, a UK resident and have an eligible NatWest current account.

You cannot apply if you have a Basic or Adapt Account.


Your Online Banking customer number, PIN & password to start an online application. 

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Useful tips for your application

When decreasing your Arranged Overdraft, think of it as a brand new Arranged Overdraft application.

We will tell you the maximum Arranged Overdraft limit we can offer you (Please ensure you stay within this amount on your application).

You then need to tell us the total amount of the Arranged Overdraft you want, not the amount you want to decrease your existing Arranged Overdraft by.

Student and Graduate Overdrafts What if I have a Student or Graduate Account?
Student thinking about applying for an overdraft

If you have a Student Account or Graduate Account, you can still apply for a new Arranged Overdraft or request a change to your existing Arranged Overdraft online, but there's a little bit more we need you to read first. 

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