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Get more flexibility with an Arranged Overdraft

Learn about the benefits of an Arranged Overdraft, what it costs and how to apply

Why apply for an Arranged Overdraft?

An Arranged Overdraft is where we agree a set limit that lets you spend more than you actually have in your current account.

For example, if you successfully applied for an Arranged Overdraft of £250 and then only had £50 of your own money in your account, the Arranged Overdraft would allow you to make a payment of up to £300.

No set up fee or hidden costs An Arranged Overdraft has no set up fee. It can also be much more affordable than using an Unarranged Overdraft and is typically suited to borrowing for shorter periods of time. Use our cost calculator to learn more.

If you don't use it, you won't get charged You will only get charged interest if you spend past any interest free threshold you may have on your current account. All charges are outlined here.

Flexibility and reassurance An Arranged Overdraft can help if an unexpected payment or bill is due or if you spend a little more than you planned. There's no set minimum amount to pay back each month but you should aim to pay it all back if you can.

NatWest Overdrafts Important information

An Arranged Overdraft is a form of debt and is repayable on demand. Always make sure you have enough money in your current account, or a suitable Arranged Overdraft limit in place, before any payments are due to come out of your account. 

If you don't have the available funds for payments leaving your current account, they may be returned unpaid. If this happens there is an Unpaid Transaction Fee of £6 charged for each transaction we reject (Subject to a maximum of £60 per charging period). 

Unarranged Overdrafts

We recommend you avoid going in to an Unarranged Overdraft. This occurs when you spend more than you have in your current account without an Arranged Overdraft, or, where you go over your Arranged Overdraft limit.

If you enter an Unarranged Overdraft by more than £10, you will incur an Unarranged Overdraft Usage Fee of £6 for each day you remain in this position (Subject to a maximum of £90 per charging period).

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NatWest Personal & Private Current Account Terms; Personal & Private Current Account Fees & Interest Rates;  Helping you get the most from your Personal NatWest Current Account (PDF, 1MB)

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