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Get started with your Silver account

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View and use your Silver account benefits

“Silver account” refers to Select Silver and Reward Silver accounts

Please note that, up to 25th June 2017, the Reward Silver monthly account fee is £12 and you will earn 3% back in Rewards on any qualifying household bill Direct Debits. 

From the 26th June 2017, the Reward Silver monthly account fee will remain at £12 and you will earn 2% back in Rewards on any qualifying household bill Direct Debits. 

Let us help you get started

We want to help you get the most out of your account. If you haven't already here's a quick list of things you can do straight away:

Activate your card  

Get the most from your card.

Already a NatWest customer?
If you're already a NatWest customer and have recently changed your account, there's no need to activate. You get to keep your existing card and PIN. 

If your existing card is not contactless you can request a new card, giving you a quick and simple way to make purchases up to £30.


New to NatWest?
If you're new to NatWest, we'll post your contactless Visa debit card and PIN separately within a few days of opening your account. Once your card arrives we'll explain how to activate it.

Get started with your online MyRewards account 

Start earning Rewards on selected household bills and your everyday spending.

You'll start earning Rewards the next business day after opening your Reward account and you can view your balance in online or mobile banking. However there's two important reasons why you should get set-up:


1. To see your personalised offers, where you can earn 1% or more at MyReward partner retailers.

2. To exchange your Rewards for money, trading up with our Reward partner retailers or donating your Rewards.

You'll need your bank card before you can get started.

Get started

Make the most of your 2% back in Rewards

Move your Direct Debits over to your new account.

Earn 2% Rewards on your selected household bills paid by Direct Debit from this account. Household bills include council tax, gas, electric, water, phones, TV and broadband (excludes payments for additional services such as maintenance, repairs or insurance).  

How to move Direct Debits

Get started online  

Online banking lets your manage your account, any time any day.

Setting up online banking takes a few minutes. You'll need your email address, sort code, account number and debit card to hand.

This service is available to customers aged 11 and over who have a NatWest account and an email address.

Get started online

Need help? View our online guide

Get the mobile app

Don't let your banking keep you indoors.

Once you've set-up online banking, you can get the mobile app. This is the easiest way to keep an eye on your spending.

The mobile app is available on selected smartphones, to NatWest customers with online banking and a UK mobile number beginning 07.

Get the mobile app

Need help? See how to setup mobile banking

Don't forget your benefits  

Make the most of your benefits.

Your account gives you a range of benefits that reflects your lifestyle. Remind yourself of everything you get.

View and use your benefits


Your documents


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