Household Bills Survey 2015 – NatWest

Discover what consumers really think about their household bills

Household bills are one of the biggest monthly outgoings for most people. From gas and electricity to mobile phone contracts and broadband, many people will often see a large chunk of their current account disappearing instantly to pay their household bills. But are we getting the best deal? And are we as energy conscious as we should be?

To find out, we ran the NatWest Household Bills Survey to reveal how people across England, Scotland and Wales really feel about their household bills. Our nationally representative survey asked 1,856 consumers aged 18 and over questions covering value for money, seeking out the best deal and energy-efficiency.

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Headlines from the Household Bills Survey 2015

Across England, Scotland and Wales consumers are missing out on opportunities to save money on their household bills.
Almost a third of consumers never shop around for a better deal on their household bills
  • Consumers in Yorkshire & Humber and East England are the most likely to shop around for a better deal, with those in Scotland, Wales and London being the least likely
  • After council tax, energy suppliers are seen to offer the worst value for money across the country and are the bills for which people are most likely to shop around

Around half of consumers feel they are not doing enough to become energy efficient

  • Those living in London are the least energy conscious and have the least uptake on energy saving measures, whereas those in Wales are the most energy conscious and have the highest uptake.
  • The majority of those surveyed have double glazing, energy saving lightbulbs and insulation in their household
  • Interestingly, smart heating and electricity control systems have the highest uptake among those who don't consider themselves energy conscious at all

Greater awareness is needed over the energy saving schemes that are available

  • One third of consumers aged 18-34 are unaware of the grants supplied by the government and energy suppliers
  • Awareness is higher among older consumers, yet 1 in 10 over 65s have never heard of these energy saving schemes
  • Consumers in Wales are among the most energy conscious in the country; however, after London, Wales also has the highest percentage of people who have never heard of energy saving schemes

Older parents are the most likely to teach their children how to save money on bills

  • 92% of parents aged 45 and over currently teach their children how to save, compared to 75% of all parents surveyed
  • Over a fifth of parents aged 18-34 are waiting until their children are older before teaching them how to save money on household bills

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By region

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Those in Yorkshire & Humber and the East of England are most likely to shop around for a better deal on their household bills compared to any other regions.

However, those in London are among the least likely to shop around to find a better deal on their household service providers. They are also, reflecting its large proportion of renters, the region with the lowest uptake of energy saving measures.


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Those living in Scotland are among the least likely to shop around for a better deal on their household bills.

They are one of the regions to have the highest proportion of people who admit to not being energy conscious.


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Out of the 12 regions surveyed, Wales has been ranked as the 5th most cost effective area of the UK to live in when it comes to household bills

Wales is the region most focused on energy efficient products – they are most likely to buy energy efficient lightbulbs and boilers, and are most likely to never leave anything on standby  

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