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Mobile phone insurance for Silver and Platinum account holders

What's included

Our mobile phone policy covers loss, theft, accidental damage and breakdown (once your warranty has expired).

Please note that from 1st October 2019, we're changing our mobile phone insurance provider from Aviva Insurance Limited to American International Group UK Limited (AIG). Administered by Brightstar Insurance Services. There will be no change to the level of cover provided, except for the removal of cover for unauthorised calls.


You're automatically covered but we recommend that you register your handset to make the claims process quicker

Worldwide cover for your mobile phone against loss, theft, damage or breakdown.  Please note if you’re outside of the UK we won’t replace your device until you return

For Silver account - 1 successful claim during any 12 month period.  If this is a joint account, both account holders can each make 1 successful claim, with a maximum of 2 per account

For Platinum account - 2 successful claims during any 12 month period.  If this is a joint account, both account holders can each make 2 successful claims, with a maximum of 4 per account

Unauthorised calls following loss or theft for up to £2,500 (inc VAT) for monthly contracts and £100 (inc VAT) for pay as you go customers

Accessories covered up to £250

Things to remember

There is a £100 excess for each successful claim.

Devices with a screen size more than 7 inches are not covered

Covers the phone you use on a daily basis. If your account is in joint names, cover is also provided for the phone the other account holder uses on a daily basis.  There is no cover for phones owned by your employer.

For Silver account - Claims are settled by repairing your phone, where possible.  If we are unable to repair your phone, or it has been lost or stolen, we will replace the phone. 

For Platinum account - Claims are settled by replacing your phone.
Our replacement phones are refurbished handsets in ‘as new’ condition using genuine manufacturer parts.

Claims should be reported as soon as possible when theft, loss, damage or breakdown is discovered.

If your phone has been lost or stolen, you must contact your network provider within 24 hours (48 hours if you’re outside the UK)

If your phone is stolen, you should inform the police and get a crime reference number as soon as reasonably possible

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