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Contactless credit cards

How contactless works, and what it means for you

Contactless Credit Card payments


Quick, easy, and safe
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Your contactless credit card

If you see the four-bar symbol on your new credit card, then it's contactless and you now have a super quick, no-fuss way to pay for anything that comes to £30 or less.

To start using contactless, you'll need to buy something using Chip & PIN, or take cash out of an ATM.*

More and more places are accepting contactless payments all the time. Whenever you see the contactless symbol on the card reader at the till, tell the retailer you want to pay by contactless. Tap your card on the reader, and you're good to go.

Contactless payments are just as secure as Chip & PIN, and you'll get exactly the same money-back guarantee if you're ever a victim of fraud.

*Charges apply for ATM cash advances. You can find out more information on the back of your credit card statement.

Contactless payments step 1

Look for the contactless symbol when you're buying an item for £30 or less

Contactless payments step 2

Simply touch and hold your credit card against the card reader

Contactless payments step 3

A beep, or a green light, shows your payment is processing  

Contactless payments step 4

Your payment is approved and your purchase is complete

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