Existing customers

Switch to another one of our credit cards

Follow our 2 step process to change your credit card

Changing your existing NatWest credit card means you can keep your existing PIN and credit limit. And, even better, we don’t need to undertake a credit reference search. Follow the two step process below to see if you're eligible.

1. Read the important exclusions

You can apply to swap your Natwest credit card to one of our on sale credit cards as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • You do not currently hold a Reward, Reward Black or The NatWest Credit Card
  • You are not looking to change to a Student credit card

If you don't meet this criteria, you can apply for a second credit card with us below.

2. Apply to change your credit card

Remember that your new credit card may have a different APR or annual fee. We’ll run through those important details and talk you through your options when you call us.

Call  0345 0303 211

Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 3pm.  Calls may be recorded. 

(Minicom 0800 141 3999)

Rather take a second credit card?

A second NatWest credit card could give you added flexibility over your finances; with the ability to keep balances separate by using a second credit card for a specific purchase, event or type of spending.

It's important to remember that a second credit card will mean you could have two balances to pay off every month, including accrued interest. There may also be two annual fees to pay.

Eligibility applies. You cannot open a second credit card of the same type as your current credit card. For example, if you hold a Reward credit card, you cannot open a second Reward credit card.

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