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Credit card help & guides Recurring transactions

Credit card help & guides Cancelling recurring transactions

It is useful to tell the payee you are cancelling the recurring transaction but not necessary.

Please call the Retailer Disputes/Chargebacks team who will process the cancellation.

The Retailer Disputes/Chargebacks team are available from 08.00 - 18.00 Monday – Friday

Credit Cards: 0800 904 7015

Debit Cards: 0800 161 5166

Freephone number from all landlines. Calls from some mobile networks may vary.

Minicom customers 0800 917 0526

Please have details about the recurring transaction available - for example the merchant name, amount, date due and any policy/reference number.

If you have not, at any time, given authority for a payee to take recurring payments, but recurring transactions are taking place please contact the Retailer Disputes team on the numbers above.

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