Becoming climate positive by 2025

Sustainable banking and our climate change strategy

Becoming climate positive by 2025

As a business we’ve set ourselves two major goals to reduce our impact on the planet. By the end of this year our aim is to be Carbon Zero and by 2025 we aim to be Climate Positive.

Find out more about our current focus and the progress we've made below.

How we're tackling climate change

Our current focus

Helping to end the most harmful activity

Accelerating the speed of transition

Championing climate solutions:

Embedding climate into culture and decision-making

Our progress

A leading lender in renewables

£9.9bn sustainable energy financing

Reducing emissions

Market leading sustainability policies

Working with the United Nations (UN)

Electric vehicle, renewable energy and energy productivity leaders

What is my carbon footprint?

We’ve partnered with CoGo to test a new feature that automatically calculates your carbon footprint based on your spend, and helps you understand how you can reduce it. We’re inviting customers to be part of the pilot and help us shape the future of this feature.

You’ll need to be 18+, have a NatWest debit or credit card and use the NatWest Mobile App.

Green Homes Grant

Under the Green Homes Grant Scheme, homeowners and landlords in England can apply for vouchers worth up to two thirds of the cost of upgrading the energy efficiency of their home.

What is the Green Homes Grant?

Government funding for home improvements

The maximum contribution will be £5,000. However, households on low incomes will be eligible for up to 100% funding, up to a maximum of £10,000.

For details of who can apply and the range of measures covered under this scheme, head over to the Gov.uk website.

Replacing existing insulation or low carbon heating will not qualify for a grant, but additional works to 'top up' existing measures are eligible.

How to reduce your energy bills

We spend a lot of money on gas and electricity. That's why we've pulled together our top energy saving tips, because when you cut how much energy you use, you not only spend less you also reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win-win.

Going paperless

Switching to paperless is a quick and easy way to reduce your waste. Instead, you can check your mail and statements via online banking or on your mobile app*. It’s at a safe and handy and to manage all your documents.

Climate change news

From sustainable banking news to teaching your kids about climate change, we have a range of helpful articles to help us all do our bit for the environment.

Climate and sustainable finance news

Developments in the green energy sector and beyond.

Save money, save the planet

Teaching your children how to be eco-friendly doesn’t just help the planet: it can also be good for your family’s bank balance.

World Environment Day: change in the air

Has lockdown given us the opportunity to create lasting environmental change?

Something else we can help you with?