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Banking with NatWest

Mobile Branches

What is a Mobile Branch?

  • A bank which comes to you and allows you to do all your usual everyday banking, like making deposits, withdrawing cash and paying bills
  • Visits specific locations for up to 6 days a week throughout the year (except Christmas Day and Bank Holidays)
  • Has a friendly team on-board and can help connect you to any other teams you need to talk to at NatWest about our products and services
  • If you have a disability, are elderly or find it difficult to use our services, talk with our team and they’ll be happy to make reasonable adjustments to suit your needs and demonstrate how we can help

What you'll need


The location and timetable for your closest mobile branch

Items you may need, depending on what you want to do:

Making deposits - your pay-in book 

Withdrawing cash – your chip and PIN debit card, cheque book or two forms of identification (one photographic and the other with proof of address)


Important information

Please be aware that your payments and transactions will not show on your account immediately. They will be processed overnight and show on your statement with the date the transaction was completed.

Your payments/transactions may take longer to reach your account, or the person receiving the money, if the vehicle is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, for instance by bad weather or road congestion.

To ensure we are able to fulfil our timetable in all of the communities we visit, we are unable to operate this service beyond the times stated in our published timetable.

Our mobile branch teams are limited to the amount of cash they can carry and therefore there maybe occasions when we are unable to complete larger cash transactions. We thank you for your understanding.

Please speak to a member of the mobile branch team if you need further details.You can contact us by coming directly to a mobile branch or contacting the call centre on 03457 888 444 and they will relay your message onto us.

Mobile branch not arrived?

If a mobile branch hasn't arrived at its destination it could be delayed due to a number of reasons including mechanical failure, adverse weather or traffic delays.

Customers can contact us on 03457 888444 for any enquiries.

Please note: Our mobile branches do not operate on bank holidays.

Is there anything else we can help you with?