Ways to Bank

Change your account names

In summary

You can change the names of your accounts as they appear in your Mobile app and Online Banking, so that they’re easier to recognise.

This will make your Mobile app and Online Banking easier to use, but your personalised account names won’t appear on your paper statements. It’s a good way of recognising your accounts at a glance. You can return to the original account name at any time.

Changes to this service

We know fraudsters are taking advantage of coronavirus.  To help protect you we have turned off the account nickname functionality within Mobile and Online Banking until further notice.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If your account nickname has been changed and it wasn’t you who requested this then this is fraud and you should contact us immediately. 

Please remember

We’ll never contact you unexpectedly and ask you to move money to another account or provide your security details. For more information and support please visit our security centre.