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Do you know your credit score?

Check it for free and get tips on how to improve it with the NatWest mobile app. Get the app to see for yourself.

Credit score available once opted in through the app, to customers aged 18+, with a UK address and is provided by TransUnion. App available to customers aged 11+ with a compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Finding it harder to make ends meet?

Coronavirus has changed our lives in lots of ways. If you’re feeling its impact financially and you're worried about money, we’re here to help.

Find out what financial support we could offer, from mortgage and loan repayment holidays to help with common money struggles.

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We're committed to becoming carbon neutral in 2020 and climate positive in 2025. 

Independent service quality survey results - Personal Current Accounts

As part of a regulatory requirement, an independent survey was conducted to ask customers of the largest 16 personal current account providers if they would recommend their provider to friends or family. Aug 2020.