Increase Overdraft

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Increase your existing Overdraft

Apply online - get a decision in less than 5 minutes

If you find that you’re getting pretty close to your overdraft limit every month, you might find it helpful to increase it.

Treat it as a new application

As you’re changing a form of debt, we ask you to go through the application again. We'll pre-fill your application, saving you time.

Tell us the new amount you want

Please tell us what you want your total overdraft limit to be, not just the amount you want to increase it by.

Have your new limit available the next working day

If your application is approved Monday to Thursday before 5.30pm, it will be available the next working day. Anytime after this will take up to two working days.

How your information might be used

It’s important for you to understand how we use and share your information. Please read this short summary before you continue with your application.

How do we use your information
We sometimes need to use your information to help us both.


Why do you share it?

We share your information so we can:

∙ protect you

∙ check your identity

∙ Make sure you have the right products for your needs

∙ prevent fraud and money laundering

∙ help us comply with laws, manage our risk and protect our business


Who do you share it with?

We share your information with:

other companies in our group

∙  fraud prevention agencies, and we also record any identified or suspected fraud, which could mean we refuse to provide you with services

our business partners, like the company that makes our debit and credit cards

∙  industry regulators, government departments and similar organisations, like HM Revenue and Customs, who might in turn have to share it with other countries 


We also share your information with credit reference agencies, so we can:

∙ do a credit check – this can affect your credit score (we don’t do one if you’re just opening a savings account)

∙ do an identity check – this could be done on you and anyone else who’s linked to the account, but it doesn’t affect your credit score

∙ protect you and comply with laws – we must share information about how you manage your account, like payments made in, your balance, credit limits and any missed loan payments. They may also share this with other organisations.


Credit reference and fraud prevention agencies use your information because they have to prevent fraud and money laundering, to protect you, their business and to comply with laws.

What can happen?

We’ll make decisions based on the automated checks of data we hold and receive about you.  You have rights in relation to these decisions, including a right to appeal if your application is declined. If it’s declined, we’ll usually keep your information for 5 years or longer if needed to comply with the law.

If you want more details about how we use your information or your rights, please read our full Privacy Notice.

Arranged Overdrafts are available to eligible customers with a NatWest current account, UK residents aged 18 or over. Subject to lending criteria.

Our Lending Commitments (PDF, 116KB)