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Banking on your tablet

Banking on your tablet

See how our banking apps can benefit you

App available on selected tablets to NatWest customers with Online Banking and a UK mobile number

To download the app on your tablet please select the appropriate app store

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App is available on iPad, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. You must be registered for Online Banking and have a UK mobile number.

Make international payments from your iPad!

Do you need to send money abroad?

You can now make existing international payments through your iPad using the app, in a few simple steps.

  • When you log in you will now see an 'International Payment' icon below the 'Make a transfer' icon
  • You can now make an international payments to an existing payee already set up from Online Banking
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Making your banking simpler

A quick and convenient log in

Login to your app securely using the fingerprint registered with Touch ID, or alternatively set up a passcode of your choice.

Touch ID is available on iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro and iPad Pro 9.7 with an operating system of iOS 8 or above.


To enable this feature simply visit the 'More' section of your iPad app.

View your Reward balance within the iPad app

You can now view your current Reward balance and any pending Rewards on the iPad app.

Simply log in to your iPad app and you can see Your Rewards balance on the left hand side under your accounts. 

Make payments up to £250 instantly without a card reader

Need to pay a friend or the plumber? Make payments securely with just an account number and sort code. 

Important information

  • The payment details will not be saved.
  • You must be aged over 16 and have available funds to send from your account (including any overdraft facility).
  • Maximum of 5 payments totaling £250 per working day, which is separate from daily withdrawal and Get Cash limits.   

For security reasons, the first time you use a feature that allows money to leave your account with the banking app, you will be asked to confirm a second activation code.


Simply follow the on screen instructions to have an activation code text to you. This code will go to the mobile number we hold for you on our records.

No need to stand in a branch queue to cancel your Direct Debit

Set up, view and cancel your standing orders and Direct Debits using your banking app. 

Open up the app to set up standing orders to saved payees, companies or between your own accounts. You can also view the status of your direct debits, check the details, keep an eye on the next payment date and cancel future payments.


  • To cancel your standing order from within the banking app you must give two working days notice.
  • To cancel a direct debit from within the banking app you have up until 8.20pm (UK time) on the day the payment is due to be taken from your account. At or after 8.20pm (UK time), the payment due on that day will have been taken and we will not have been able to retrieve it.

For more details on setting up and cancelling regular payments and timescales, visit Support Centre.

Forgot to pay the water bill? You can do it straight from your banking app

Our app contains a list of the most popular and frequently used utility, local authority and credit card companies.

You can make bill payments from your banking app wherever you are. Simply select 'Pay someone new' within the app where you will be able to select from a list of companies, add a reference and choose the amount. Once confirmed payments are normally received within 2 hours.


Important information

  • The payment details will not be saved.
  • You must be aged over 16 and have available funds to send from your account (including any overdraft facility).
  • Limits apply, the app will notify you of the limit once you have selected the company you wish to pay. 

It's just a few taps to pay someone from your list of saved payees

If you have paid a person via Online Banking with your card reader their details will be saved in your banking app for quick access the next time you want to make a payment.

Just select 'Payments' and scroll through the names to select the correct person, type the amount and click send. The money will leave your account instantly.


Please note that to make payments to your saved payees within the banking app you will need to make the first payment to that person through Online Banking using your card reader.

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