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Mobile Banking Security

Features and tips to help you stay safe

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App available on most smartphones to NatWest customers with Online Banking and a UK mobile number

We take the security of your money very seriously

That's why, for our banking apps, we've put it front and centre. We get independent experts to regularly test, update and confirm our systems meet the highest standards of security you expect from our other services.

You are also automatically covered by our Mobile Security Promise, our commitment to you in the event of fraud.

Our Security Promise

How we protect you


We have a secure registration process

Before you can use our banking apps we validate your details to ensure you are protected from fraudsters trying to register on your behalf.


Also, the first time you use a feature that allows money to leave your account with the mobile app, you will be asked to confirm a second activation code.


Simply follow the on screen instructions to have an activation code text to you. This code will go to the mobile number we hold for you on our records.


We use sophisticated encryption to keep your information safe

Whenever you use your mobile app we encrypt all information that is transferred from your device to us.


We automatically cover you with our Mobile Security Promise 

We'll refund any money paid out of your account by a fraudster, as long as you’ve kept your security information secret.


Our Security Promise


We passcode protect your app

When you register for the app we ask you to set your own 5-8 digit passcode. This passcode is unique to your app and will only work on the device it is registered to.



Five useful tips to help you stay safe


Only download apps from official app stores

Only download mobile and iPad apps from official app stores, such as Apple iTunes, Android Play Store, Windows store and Blackberry App World. Our apps are only available on official app stores.


Never respond to suspicious emails or text messages

Be cautious about opening links contained in text messages or emails. Don't respond to unsolicited messages or phone calls, and remember NatWest will never ask you for your full PIN or password.


If you do receive a suspicious email you can report it to us forwarding it to 


You can also forward any suspicious texts to the short code 88355. We will take it from there.


Don't share your app security details and never store these on your device.

To ensure your details remain safe don't share your details, including your app passcode with anyone. Also, don’t leave your device unattended when logged on and watch out for people looking over your shoulder.


Keep your device's operating system updated with the latest upgrades

If possible, keep your mobile devices operating system updated with the latest security patches and upgrades. Older software may have security vulnerabilities that could expose you to additional risks.


Think carefully before jailbreaking or rooting your device

Think carefully before jail-breaking or rooting your device. We advise against doing this as it may weaken the security of your device and expose you to additional risks.

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