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Make your life easier with mobile and online banking

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App available on most smartphones to NatWest customers with Online Banking and a UK mobile number

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Banking from your mobile is quick and simple - just see for yourself.

There is plenty to discover in our interactive demo. You'll find lots of useful features that make it easier to manage your money on the go.

Our mobile app is available to NatWest customers with Online Banking and a UK mobile number.


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Contactless is a quick and easy way to pay for those everyday items like coffee, lunch or travel up to the value of £30. Contactless is quick, easy, safe and secure and available at most retailers.

Most Contactless payments will take up to 4 days to be debited from your account and reflect on your available balance, but some may take longer.

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Lost my NatWest bank card
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Use Get Cash from within the mobile app!

Our mobile app lets you withdraw money (upto £130 of your money per day) from RBS Scotland, NatWest or Tesco cash machines.

You can also request emergency cash through our telephone service if you have lost your debit card or had it stolen


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