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Making everyday banking easier

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Available to NatWest personal customers aged over 11, with an eligible account, and a valid UK mobile number or email address.

Your account information by text or email

Keeping you up-to-date

Alerts are a simple way to keep you up-to-date with your accounts. They can help you manage your money, avoid or minimise overdraft fees and also let you know if there's any unexpected activity.


Helping you stay in touch with changes on your account

Informing you of account updates

You'll automatically receive alerts to help you keep track of certain changes on your account as long as you've provided us with a valid UK mobile number. We'll send you a text so you're aware of changes to your personal information or account details.

Stay in touch with changes to your account

Register and manage your alerts

Online, over the phone or in branch

The quickest, easiest way to register and manage your alerts is through your Online Banking. If you don't have Online Banking, you can register and then sign up for alerts. You can also set up alerts by calling us or talking to us at your local branch.

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Mobile Security

Banking safely on your mobile

We take your security seriously as you trust us to keep your money safe. We will never ask for your PIN or Password details by text or email.

In certain circumstances - when we need to comply with the law, protect security, or fight fraud - we may have to withdraw, suspend or restrict the alerts service without letting you know beforehand.

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