Text alerts

Stay informed with text and email alerts

Activity alerts

We confirm your account activity

Get a text message when you carry out certain activities on your account - this helps you stay informed and secure. We'll send you confirmation when you:

  • Set up or change information on a payee
  • Set up or change a standing order
  • Update your address or telephone details
  • Are issued with a new debit/cash card or PIN

Balance alerts

Get your latest balance sent to your phone

There's no need to call or visit a branch to get your latest balance. When you switch on balance alerts, you'll get a weekly text message to help you stay in control of your accounts. You can choose when this message is sent to you.

You can also set up alerts to tell you when your account goes above or below a certain limit - we'll check your balance at 6am and aim to text you around 8am the same day, or around 10am if it's a weekend.

Act now alerts

Minimise overdraft fees

Get a text or email if you are about to become overdrawn, or are already using an unarranged overdraft - this will help you to minimise or avoid overdraft and unpaid transaction fees.

The alert will tell you the time by which you need to pay money into your account to cover payments and bring your account back into credit or within any arranged overdraft limit.

When you get the alert, you can pay money in at any NatWest branch, or transfer money from another account using Online or telephone banking, or in branch.


Start getting helpful alerts

Online - the quickest and easiest way to switch on alerts

If you're an Online Banking customer, you can switch alerts on and off in seconds. Choose 'Alerts' from the left hand menu in Online Banking, then click on the 'Manage your alerts' button.

if you're not registered for Online Banking, sign up now, it only takes a few minutes.

To sign up for Online Banking you need to have a NatWest account and be aged 11 or over.

Set up alerts by phone or in branch

If you have a current or savings account with NatWest, you can set up alerts at your local branch or by calling 0845 724 2424 (Minicom 0845 900 5961).

Already getting our helpful alerts?

You can make changes to your alerts via Online Banking, on the phone or in branch.

Before you switch on alerts, you should read the important information.

If you are using the Mobile App, you can manage balance and limit alerts through the App - these are different to the alerts you manage in Online Banking.

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Register for Online Banking and set up alerts

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