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NatWest travel money

Using cash abroad is easy

The last thing you need when you're abroad is to have to think about where you're going to get your local currency.

With the NatWest travel money service, you get the benefits of:

    -  0% Commission on all foreign currencies

    -  Delivery to your home or a branch of your choice within the UK

    -  Payment from any UK credit or debit card

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Using your benefits

If you have a current account with benefits, you could be eligible for preferential rates on your foreign currency through our Travel Money service.  You have to order online or on the phone through membership services to receive these rates.  A minimum order of £100 also applies. 

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NatWest travel money

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If you have one of our current accounts with benefits, you could be entitled to preferential rates. A minimum order of £100 applies and you have to order through membership services.

Select Silver customers call: 0345 601 5219

Select Platinum customers call: 0345 609 0453

Black Account customers call: 0345 601 7188

Advantage Gold customers call: 0345 300 3695

0345 600 0512

Lines open
Monday to Friday 8am-10pm,
Weekends 10am-8pm
(excluding public holidays)

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NatWest travel money

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NatWest travel money

Currency Converter

Use our handy currency conversion calculator to help you to work out how much money you need to convert to make sure that you have enough when you are abroad.

NatWest travel money

Sell back your leftovers

When you return from your trip, we will gladly buy back your leftover foreign currency notes and Travellers Cheques, providing the notes are in an acceptable condition. Remember, we don't buy back coins or certain denominations of bank notes and will only purchase currency that we deal in at that time.

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NatWest travel money

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