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Your first home

Your first home

Everything you need to help you get a foot on the ladder

Looking for an Agreement in Principle?

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

NatWest mortgages are available for over 18s.

What can you afford?

Mortgage Agreement in Principle

An indication of whether we could lend you the amount you need to borrow.

Mortgage calculator - our mortgage rates

See our rates and work out what your mortgage might cost each month

Savings Goal Tool

Use your NatWest savings account to start a savings goal towards your deposit

How can we help?

Help to Buy: ISA

Saving to buy your first home can be a challenge, but now there’s a way you can get a helping hand.

With the Help to Buy: ISA, when you purchase your first home the UK Government will pay you a bonus of 25% of your closing savings balance e.g. £50 for every £200. So you could get up to £3,000 towards your first home.

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Cashback Mortgages


Take out a first time buyer mortgage with us and get £500 cashback, paid to your solicitor on the day of drawdown of the mortgage.

Offer can be changed or withdrawn at any time. Early repayment charges may apply. Max LTV 90%.

About cashback mortgages



Starting to plan

Saving for a deposit

How to get your foot on the ladder

Our Moving Tales are a collection of real stories from real people who have got a mortgage and bought a home of their own.

Carla talks about how she achieved her dream of buying her first home and the simple changes she made to help her save enough for her deposit

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NatWest's Millennials Home Buying Survey

Did you know that 69% of Millennials believe they will have saved enough money for a deposit in the next 5 years?

The results of NatWest's Millennials Home Buying Survey reveals how young people view the current UK housing market in 2015, discusses the challenges that first time buyers face and the idea of generation rent.

Read the highlights of the Millennials Survey
NatWest's Millennials Home Buying Survey

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