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Is an overdraft right for me?

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Overdraft costs

Use our new overdraft cost calculator


Overdraft costs can be a little confusing, so we've built an easy to use calculator to help make them clearer. 

Find out what it costs to use an Arranged Overdraft for a certain number of days. And, you can even work out what you might be charged if you accidentally go over your agreed limit into an Unarranged Overdraft.

Use our new cost calculator

All costs are shown by our calculator are for illustration purposes only. Your actual costs may vary. 


Understanding overdraft fees & charges

Learn more about the costs

We won't charge you for setting up an Arranged Overdraft but if you use it, depending on your account type, you may need to pay fees and interest.

We can help you understand these costs better, and give you some tips to help avoid them.

Find out more about overdraft costs

Understanding overdrafts

Managing your overdraft

There are a number of ways you can manage your overdraft, you can apply to increase or decrease your existing overdraft, or if you're a Select Account customer you can have the added protection of overdraft control.

Increasing or decreasing your overdraft

Select Account Overdraft Control

Avoiding current account fees & charges


Avoiding unarranged borrowing

To help you monitor your overdraft, we’ve created two simple alerts that notify you before you go overdrawn.

Act Now Alerts

This free service will text or email you if you need to pay money into your account to cover a payment. It will also notify you if you need to bring your account back into credit or within your arranged overdraft limit. 

Balance Alerts

We’ll text your balance to you each week on whatever day suits you – you can even specify morning or afternoon. You can also set up alerts to tell you when your account goes above or below a certain limit – so you’ll know when you’ve received a large payment or if your money’s running low.

Network charges may apply to text messages received. 

Set up alerts in Online Banking

Understanding overdrafts

There are two kinds of overdraft


Worth knowing

Finding the right account

Our Basic and Young People accounts don’t offer an overdraft facility, and some accounts have a higher interest-free payment threshold. So it’s worth checking you have the right account for you needs.

Use our comparison table to make sure you have the right account.

Student Overdrafts

What if I have a Student Account?

f you have a NatWest Student Account, you can now apply for an Arranged Overdraft or request to make changes to your existing limit, using our 'Student Arranged Overdraft' online application form.

Find out more about our Student Account

Apply for, or change, a Student Account Arranged Overdraft


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