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Basic Account

An account with no overdraft facility or cheque book

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To apply, you need to be aged 18 or over and permanently resident in the UK.

NatWest current accounts

Making everyday banking easy

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Online, on your mobile phone, at your local branch or call our 24-hour UK call centres.

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Get Emergency Cash

If your debit card is lost or stolen, our Emergency Cash service makes sure you can access your money from our ATMs (Limits apply).

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Pay your contacts

You can also use the mobile phone app to securely send money to anyone who has a UK mobile phone number and has the NatWest mobile phone app or a valid Visa Debit, credit or prepaid card. You don’t need their account details, just their phone number – so it’s simple to use and very safe.

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It’s easy to apply and switch

You can apply online, in-branch or by phone and our expert team will sort everything for you.

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Basic Account

Account features

A Visa debit card to make purchases worldwide with added online security protection.

Withdraw up to £300 cash a day from any NatWest, RBS or Ulster Bank cash machine or at any UK Post Office counter.

Withdraw money overseas with your Visa debit card at any cash machine that shows the Visa logo (charges apply)

Set up standing orders and Direct Debits to make it easier for you to pay your bills.

Regular statements - check them online or receive a paper copy.

Moving banks

It’s easy to move to NatWest


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