Managing your credit card

How to pay your credit card bill

Here are the different ways that a NatWest Credit Card Bill can be paid, and the time to allow for each payment method. Please bear in mind that working days are Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Direct Debit


You can set up a monthly Direct Debit for the minimum required payment, a fixed amount or full amount over the phone, within Online Banking or Credit Card Online Services. 

If you set up a Direct Debit for the minimum or a fixed amount, the payment is claimed 25 calendar days from the statement date or shortly afterwards. 

If you set up a Direct Debit for the full amount, the payment is claimed 15 calendar days from the statement date or shortly afterwards.

Log in to Online Banking 

Online Banking (NatWest current account customers only)


If you are signed up to Online Banking, go to the Payments page and follow the on-screen instructions. Your payment will take two hours via faster payment.

Log in to Online Banking

Credit Card Online Services


If you are signed up to Credit Card Online Services, follow the on-screen instructions to make your payment. Please note that any payments by debit card may take up to two days.

Log in to Credit Card Online Services


Telephone Banking (NatWest current account customers only)


NatWest current account customers can register for telephone banking by calling:

0800 88 11 77 (Minicom 0800 404 6161), if your account is held in England & Wales
0345 301 0897 (Minicom 0800 092 
9098), if your account is held in Scotland

If you are already registered for telephone banking, simply call 0345 7 888 444 to make a payment.

Your payment will take two hours via faster payment.


In NatWest branches 


Payment can be made by presenting your credit card, your bank giro credit slip or providing your credit card number. 


In NatWest branches by Single Branch Payment (current account customers only)


Payment can be made from your current account via Chip and Pin once a record has been set up. For assistance in setting up a Single Branch Payment, visit the branch with your credit card details.


Payment by debit card over the phone

Please call the customer service number on the back of your card. It may take up to two days to clear your payment, however we back date it to the same date you made the payment.


By post


Cheques should be payable to NatWest (please write your card number after NatWest on the payee line). Send the cheque and completed bank giro credit slip to NatWest, Milton Keynes, MK77 1SE. Please allow 7 full working days for payment to be accepted. Funds must be cleared before payment is accepted. Cheques shouldn’t be post dated. If payment is received using a post dated cheque we accept no responsibility for loss of interest or charges incurred.


Other banks’ online and telephone banking services


Please quote your credit card number and sort code (both found on bank giro credit slip). If a bank account number is requested, please quote 00000000. You cannot use these details for a Chaps payment.

This takes two hours for faster payments and three full working days for other payments.

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Repayment difficulties

If you are having difficulties in meeting your credit card payments, get in touch to see how we can help.

How can we help?

Managing your card

Faster payments

The Faster Payments service allows participating banks to provide same day processing of electronic payments such as funds transfer, bill payments and standing orders. This means that payments to your NatWest credit card made on the internet, by telephone or in any branch of NatWest by Cash or Single Branch Payment will usually be applied to your available funds within two hours regardless of when the request is received. Payments may take longer to appear on your account (generally within two days) but will be back dated to the date the payment is made.

Cheques will generally take up to three days to clear and for the payment to be accepted and shown in your account.

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