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Recurring transactions

What is a recurring transaction?

A recurring transaction is when you give your debit or credit card details to a company and authorise a series of payments to be taken from your account. 

These payments can be for regular or irregular amounts and frequencies and do not require the customer to provide any further consent at the time of authorisation. 

Examples of recurring transaction could include a gym membership or a magazine subscription.

A recurring transaction is different to a Direct Debit and has a different cancellation process.

Credit card help & guides

Cancelling recurring transactions

It is useful to tell the payee you are cancelling the recurring transaction but not necessary.

Please call the Retailer Disputes/Chargebacks team who will process the cancellation.

The Retailer Disputes/Chargebacks team are available from 08.00 - 18.00 Monday – Friday

Credit Cards: 0800 904 7015

Debit Cards: 0800 161 5166

Freephone number from all landlines. Calls from some mobile networks may vary.

Minicom customers 0800 917 0526

Please have details about the recurring transaction available - for example the merchant name, amount, date due and any policy/reference number.

If you have not, at any time, given authority for a payee to take recurring payments, but recurring transactions are taking place please contact the Retailer Disputes team on the numbers above.

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